Terms, Conditions & Cautions

- Welcome to Mocha Makes! -

- This section is all about my terms, conditions, and potential allergens attached to my products. Make sure to read through this section carefully!

- ALL SALES ARE FINAL (but please reach out if you have a problem! We can figure something out)

- My products are not to be purchased with the intent of reselling

- My patterns are not to be replicated and / or sold without permission

- My logo, artworks, and photos are not to be reposted without permission

- Most products are made to order, and may take up to 2 weeks to complete before being shipped out

- Mystery products may be made with yarn I got from a yarn haul, so some products MAY be made of wool. If you have an allergy to wool but wish to still purchase a mystery product, contact me or put it in the order mystery specifications, and I will make a item specifically made with acrylic yarn!

- I have 2 cats and a dog! Sometimes pet hair gets on my products. I do my best to pick it out before shipping off items, but some may still be stuck in the items. Its my sincerest apologies for that!


- Shipping IS FREE

- As items are made to order, it may take me up to 2 weeks to ship and item