What Do I do?

I am a self taught artist. I love 2d and 3d art, and sell my 3d art in the shop! I crochet, and love working with both normal yarn and chunky yarn. I love making wearable art as well, so making jewelry is also a passion of mine.

- What's Next in the Shop? -

Want to know what I plan on adding next to the shop? You have come to the right place! Below is the list of upcoming products to look forwards to, and the list will be updated with each new release! (May not be released all at once)


- Hand sculpted Finley (mascot) earrings

- Hand painted mini landscape keychains

- Resin crystal pendants

- Crochet Woodland creature collection - (mink, deer, bear, bug, raccoon, wolf, fox)

- Custom Bracelets